About the Author

me2Nicole Austin lives on a small island in Maine with her six children.

Employed full-time working for the town she loves, Nicole uses whatever free time is not spent nurturing her family and friendships to continue to jot down ideas and write stories and poems. Nicole’s creativity and positive energy thrive with the exciting, enthusiastic lifestyle of raising several intelligent and fun children who keep her feeling young and imaginative.

Nicole also enjoys listening to music, hiking, relaxing by the ocean, trying new foods that don’t involve celery, and is usually interested in anything fun, invigorating, or delicious. She takes great pride in her multifaceted skill set and personality, which has always been hard to adequately represent in instances such as this.

A writer and avid reader since she was young, Nicole is excited to finally share her passion for the written word with the world.

Photography by Jeff Kirlin